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Pet Tips

Annual Visits

We all have busy schedules to keep. Often it is easy to forget that just like ourselves, our pets require annual physical exams. This gives veterinarians and doctors a chance to detect ailments and diseases early on. Picking up on diseases early in their course, often gives us a better chance at treatment or cure. Also, routine exams will give the opportunity to update vaccines, like rabies, which are mandated by law; even if the pets are strictly indoors, and protect your pet against other preventable or contagious diseases.


Pet Loss

When we have a pet loss in our family it is only natural to have a grieving process. It's natural to feel bombarded by our human feelings of sadness and grief when we loose a beloved friend and companion. You should never feel guilty or ashamed when you are in the grieving process of your loss. Try to find healthy ways of dealing with this loss. Time will come when the loss gets easier to deal with. But the memories you had with your friend will never go away.

Pet Products

Fleas and Ticks are common insects that our pets encounter. At the Swansea Veterinary Center, we have a variety of products on-site that can help prevent fleas and ticks which can become a burden and cause other illnesses such as Lyme disease. Come in today for a special product offer.

Pet Brushing

Brushing your cat or dogs coat will help them maintain a healthy skin and undercoat. Brushing will prevent matting, shedding  and other issues with coats. Additionally, we have products that will help you get the job done easier.

Dental Brushing

Brushing your pets teeth is just as important for your pets as it is for us. Brushing should be started at an early age as a puppy or kitten. This will get them comfortable with the brushing process. It is also beneficial to start brushing an older pets teeth. Ask our staff  how to choose the right dental products and tooth paste for your pet. NEVER give your dog human tooth paste, as fluoride is extremely poisonous to dogs.

Feline Leukemia

Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency Viruses both commonly affect cats immune systems. Unfortunately, there is no cure for either at this time. These viruses may be transmitted during pregnancy or by close contact via saliva, aerosol and blood. Testing can easily be done at our office and results are ready within 10 minutes. Prior to bringing home a new kitten or cat have them tested, especially if there are other cats in the household.

Spaying and Neutering

In addition to population control there are a number of reasons why veterinarians advocate performing these procedures. First and foremost are health benefits for your pets. A number of ailments can be prevented or significantly reduced by performing these procedures such as mammary tumors, testicular cancer, and pyometra. If you're not planning on breeding your pet, please have them spayed or neutered.